CITC: The recipe for business success

The original edition of "The Recipe for Business Success" by Curt Nelson. The Cedar Rapids author and entrepreneur recently updated "Recipe" in eBook and Audiobook formats to include new stories and lessons.

Curt Nelson is the founder and president of the Entrepreneurial Development Center in Cedar Rapids. He founded the non-profit business in 2003 to assist firms at various stages of development, from startups to legacy companies.

According to Nelson, the EDC has worked with more than one thousand businesses in its fifteen year history, including at least one hundred the firm helped start from scratch.

The EDC uses Curt's book, "The Recipe for Business Success" as a strategic analysis tool and everyone who becomes a client receives a free copy. Originally published in 2009, Nelson just updated the content with new stories and methodology.

To see the positive influence Curt Nelson has had on the Corridor's entrepreneurial ecosystem, please watch the above video.

You can also learn more about EDC, Inc. HERE and "The Recipe for Business Success" HERE.

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