Car wash thief "hot-wires" change machine

Big Z's Car Wash in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids Police are investigating an unusual theft from an area business.

More than $500 dollars were stolen from Big Z’s Car Wash early Tuesday morning.

“The guy really knows what he's doing,” says Scott Kositzky, owner of Big Z’s.

Instead of trying to breaking through the reinforced steel door to get money from equipment the man went for the change machine.

“He broke in with a custom tool and basically hot-wired the machine like he would do a car,” says Kositzky.

The man was able to rewire the machine from the front of the business forcing it to spit out $500 in quarters. The man even wore gloves to avoid being shocked by the live wires.

“It was pretty quick and painless for him, it took about 11 or 12 minutes to empty all the money,” says Kositzky.

He and his wife bought the car wash about 6 months ago with the dream of owning their own business.

“We named it after my son,” says co-owner, Jen Kositzky. Something for him to grow into, develop work ethic, responsibility and essentially it's how we put food on the table so it's a big hit for our family.”

Now they know this isn't the first time they've been a target.

“Sometimes he would trigger an error in my coin machine and that's upwards of six times that he has been here,” says Kositzky.

He believes earlier thefts were smaller and more difficult to notice until the crook got greedy and took it all.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cedar Rapids Police.

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