Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers: Understanding Hearing Loss

    No two hearing losses are the same. There is not a one size fits all hearing aid. Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers has a hearing aid that will be perfect for you. Make an appointment today for a complete hearing test at any of their locations.


    No two hearing losses are the same. And so that’s why at Concept we take the time to talk to you about your hearing loss. Your spouse may have a hearing loss also, but the loss could be totally different. So it’s not a one-size-fits-all.

    People want to be able to understand their grandchildren especially, so that’s the first step, making that phone call to come in to see us to see where we might be with a hearing loss. And if we have normal hearing, that’s fantastic, but if we have hearing loss we can discuss the appropriate treatments.

    You’ll come into the office and we will do a thorough evaluation on you. We will take a quick peek in your ear to check the ear anatomy and then we do three types of testing. First we’ll do a tone test where you’ll push the button when you hear the beep, then we’ll have word repeats—so we’ll present a word to you, you’ll repeat the word for us, and then finally we’ll finish with sentences with background noise. That is our real-life situation.

    If you have a spouse or a family member that’s able to come to the appointment with you that is very beneficial. We can use that familiar voice as part of your testing. We also like to discuss the results with other family members. There’s different styles, there’s different levels of technology. We’ll go through with you what would be the most appropriate for the type of loss that you have. We discuss that thoroughly with you, make sure that you understand that this is your loss, that this is specific to your needs, and that’s why there’s not a one-size-fits-all hearing aid.

    We like to see our patients at least twice a year for follow-up care. It keeps you connected with us, it keeps you feeling like your hearing aids are working their best because there’s different parts that we want to change a couple times a year and if we need to change your settings we can do it at those appointments.

    There are no charges in our clinic for follow-up care. You’re certainly welcome into the clinic any time in-between that. We want you to feel good about your new hearing environment and basically your new life.


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