Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers: Hearing Aid Choices

    There are so many choices in hearing aids these days. Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers can fit you with the perfect one for your particular hearing loss. Watch this video as Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist Kat Klauer briefly explains some of their selections. Go to their website for more information, then make an appointment for a free hearing exam.


    Concept has seven different styles of hearing aids. And within those styles we have variations to fit patients’ needs. We want the technology that’s going to fit the patient’s lifestyle, how socially active are they, are they hearing the best that they can in their environments.

    So the different styles that we carry are CICs which mean completely in the canal. It’s a small, custom-fit hearing aid that fits down in the ear and people like them because they’re cosmetically appealing, not visible to other people.

    We also have a canal style. It’s a little bit larger custom aid that will then allow for dual microphones, a little bit better control on background sounds.

    We also have full shell hearing aids and half shell hearing aids which are also custom fit but they’re going to fill the bowl of the ear a little bit more than the smaller ones.

    And then we have what’s called receiver in the ear hearing aid which is our small, open-fit behind-the-ear hearing aid. Again, this is another great option if you’re looking for a hearing-aid that is small, and not visible to other people.

    And then we of course have the traditional behind-the-ear that we’ve seen throughout the years, but they are necessary for some people because of their type of loss.

    We also provide cross and bi-cross hearing aids. When you have single-sided deafness, you’re always kind of one-sided and it throws off your sound direction and even your balance so a cross and a bi-cross hearing aid allows you to wear a transmitter on one side of your head and it receives the signal on the other side to the better ear.

    Most people are fearful that if they get hearing aids it’s going to amplify their tinnitus, when the opposite is actually true. Hearing aid technology now allows for adaptive directionality in the microphone technology of the hearing aids. It will allow for the hearing aids to focus in-front of you. So if we’re sitting at a restaurant and you’re sitting across from me at a booth I will hear you clearer than I will hear the other sounds behind me.

    We are here to help. We are here to educate you and so you have a full understanding of what you need and why you should treat your hearing loss. When you come to us you’re going to become part of the Concept family and we are going to help care for you and provide you service for a lifetime.


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