Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers: Experience The Concept Difference

    When it comes to choosing a hearing aid, choosing your provider is the most important decision you can make. In this video, Taylor Parker, president and owner of Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers, explains why excellent followup care is the number one priority when it comes to helping patients with their hearing. He also shares what makes Concept the best choice when it comes to your hearing health.


    When you develop a hearing loss, over time you are not getting the signals to the brain. So your ears just conduct the sounds but your brain is the processor of that. So if you’re not getting the correct signals to the brain your brain is actually losing the ability to understand words. We can’t bring that back. And an untreated hearing loss you are two to five times more likely to develop dementia. So if you’re not treating your hearing loss you’re actually causing your brain to work overtime. And you’re actually causing decay, decline, aging acceleration of the brain, and then the biggest part is just the ability to understand words. It’s just very important that people understand you’re harming your brain, not your ears.

    The full testing that we do we do a lifestyle test where we find out who you are and what you do because not every hearing aid works for every lifestyle or in every situation.

    Follow-up care is one of the most important pieces to purchasing hearing aids. All of the follow-up care is included at Concept. We have a 30-day, 100 percent money-back guarantee. We have some of the longest warranties in the state of Iowa.

    We have more clinics than any other company out there so we have more locations for someone to get service and to be able to get the things that they need without having to travel an hour, two hours.

    As a healthcare industry things are always changing. The last five years have changed more than it has in the last 40 years. So we have to change quickly and adapt quickly.

    One of the new products that we just launched—the Concept Connect—actually allows you to get changes done to your hearing aid without coming into the office. So, if you have a smartphone—whether it’s an iPhone or an Android—you can actually go into the app, answer a few questions about what’s going on with your current situation, the app will then send that information to your local Concept provider. The next time you go into the app it actually uploads to your hearing aids the changes that we did in the software.

    If you were a farmer or an over-the-road driver or snowbird, somewhere where you really couldn’t get to your local office, you can go through the app, all those changes get made, and there’s no charge for it.

    For us to really know how we’re doing is to have a patient tell us. We have a 97 percent patient satisfaction rating. So, our patients know that they have coverage for their hearing aids no matter what happens. We’re here for them and our goal every day is to get to 100 percent.


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