Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers: Types Of Hearing Aid Accessories

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    Hearing aid technology is becoming more advanced with each passing decade. Not only have they become smaller, they have become much smarter. Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist Eric Smargiasso, with Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers, shows the different types of hearing aid accessories that can enhance your hearing aid experience at home, at work, and wherever you go!


    We have four easy to use wireless accessories. We have a TV streamer, a remote-control, a multi-mic and a phone clip. First one I’d like to tell you about is what we call a multi-mic. This device can be worn or you can set it off on a stage if you’re listening to a presenter, or it can be set on a table facing who you’re trying to hear. It’s going to give you the volume and clarity that you need streaming wirelessly through the hearing instruments. There’s a volume control on it that allows you to adjust the volume exactly where you’d like it without touching the hearing aids.

    The phone clip’s used for a smart phone and you wear it around your neck. It allows you to answer calls through the hearing instrument.

    We also have a remote control. The remote control’s going to serve two purposes. You’re going to be able to go up and down one decibel at a time, you’re also able to change up to four programs. Program one would be an omnidirectional microphone so you’re going to hear 360 degrees like someone with normal hearing. Number two is a restaurant setting—that’s going to act as a directional microphone. It’s going to focus on the front 180 so it’s going to cut out the background noise. Program three a lot of times we’re going to use that for an outdoor setting. So it’s going to have a really aggressive wind guard on that and also going to lower the background noise considerably. Program four a lot of times we use as a traffic setting. Constant road noise, extremely loud situations, live sporting events. It’s going to give you an option to greatly lower the volume to make sure you’re always at a comfortable atmosphere.

    Our TV Streamer—this connects to the back of your television and it allows you to set the volume exactly where you want it. So it’s going to send a wireless stream to the hearing instruments so your spouse can set the television where they feel comfortable and you can dial it in with the TV Streamer where you feel comfortable and both watch the same program at different volume levels.

    To have full control—be able to raise the volume one decibel at a time up or down—really lets you take control of any situation.

    You’re going to take the hearing aids out at bedtime. You don’t want to lay directly on a hearing instrument, and any time you’re around water, so you want to keep the unit as dry as you can. Other than that, you really want to keep the instrument in 12 to 15 hours a day. This keeps your brain trained and always you to hear the high frequencies which in turn keeps your speech understanding, your speech discrimination, where it needs to be.


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