Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers: Hearing Aids Then And Now

    When you think of hearing aids, do images of big devices that squealed or whistled come to mind? Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist Eric Wolvers shares how much hearing aid technology has improved. Schedule a free hearing screening with Concept By Iowa Hearing Aid Centers today.


    Technology is changing very rapidly on hearing aids, but the national average is about five to seven years--is what somebody will keep a hearing aid. Look at your smart phone compared to five years ago. Now think of that in a hearing aid. There’s a huge difference from what my grandpa wore, compared to what my dad would wear, compared to what I would wear in a hearing aid.

    The size is the biggest thing. It’s not this big honker, or big banana on your ear that people think of. They’re so much smaller in size. Feedback. Every time I would hug my Aunt Murray you’d have that feedback, that whistle, that squeal. You no longer have that with feedback management. It’s so much better than what we had in the past. The other thing is clarity. Imagine listening through a tin can – is what you would have had with a hearing aid back then or something that (scratching sound) you have a lot of static and other noises going on with it. Wind filter. Adjusting in background noise. Having blue-tooth so it can stream to your ear. If you lose your hearing aids you can go in and GPS locate where your hearing aids are at. It’s just life-changing for patients.

    A lot of people want to know how do you find the right hearing aid for that person and it’s just going through it and meeting you. Doing your test results to find out how severe of a loss do you have. But once we talk about it we can find out what fits your loss what fits your budget, what fits your lifestyle.

    We have different financing options. Newest option is leasing. You can actually lease your hearing aid. You get free batteries the entire time of the lease. You get a four-year warranty. Most of the industry will come with a one to a three-year warranty. Even if you lose your hearing aid there’s zero deductible. That’s a great thing about Concept. A lot of people are worried “This is a big decision.” It’s a big investment into their health. You have a 30-day full refund guarantee with us. We’ll also exchange it.

    So this hearing aid isn’t something like glasses that every time your loss changes you have to get a new one. We can adjust it on an on-going basis. And we do. We schedule follow-ups at your appointment today for the next follow-up. So if your hearing changes two years from now we reprogram that hearing aid.

    That’s the biggest difference in the new technology is how much adjustments you can have on a day-to-day basis. Patients that want to travel, “I don’t want another cord. I don’t want to have to carry my batteries.” It’s just a mini USB just like what you would use for your cellphone or anything else. It charges up the power pack on the bottom and that way you’re on the go any time you need a charge to be done, snap it on there. You can charge it up in the car, you can charge it up at your desk at work. It just makes a world of difference.


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