Single mom gets surprise donation: Pay it Forward

Bless Someone: Pay it Forward

Gabe Erickson was sitting in church while his pastor shared a story from his childhood. His family did not have a lot of money and one day an envelope full of cash appeared on their kitchen table.

A simple story that planted a seed in Gabe's heart.

Gabe said "I actually ignored it to be honest. I pushed it aside like no that's not really a thing I'm called to do."

He said he finally realized he had nothing to lose. Using Facebook Live he rallied his friends to think of someone they knew who they could bless. Then he set a goal to raise $1,500 in 48 hours.

They met their goal and even exceeded it by one dollar.

"To me it was really more so being obedient to what God put in my heart to act upon. I think we all have these 'what if's' that if we actually acted upon them, who knows what would happen in this world" Gabe said.

They picked two different families to receive donations.

One, a single mom, who would like to remain anonymous, said she has been going through a difficult situation for the past year.

She said she could not believe they had been picked. She is saving the money for unexpected expenses that pop up and it has given her peace of mind to know she has it to fall back on.

Gabe said he plans to continue this tradition of blessing someone every year. If the response is overwhelming then he would love to do this multiple times a year.

If you would like to continue in the mission to bless someone visit their fundraising page here.

For continual updates on their mission to bless someone visit their Facebook page here.

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