Repairing vehicles to give away for free: Pay it Forward

Vans for Christ: Pay it Forward

Center Point resident Roger Moore did not have a vehicle to get back and forth to work. "I got out of federal prison and was trying to get my life together" he said.

Moore started attending church in Center Point. That led him to Vans for Christ a ministry of the Center Point United Methodist Church.

Moore said "they worked with me and got me this vehicle so I can get back and forth to work and get my daughter to her appointments."

The ministry is led by auto expert Ken Graham.

All by word of mouth, people donate their old vehicles. Graham and his son Nate repair them and then the vehicles are donated to someone who needs their own transportation.

Moore said "I was very happy, I couldn't believe they were just going to give me the vehicle."

When Graham worked in the auto industry he met many people who didn't own a vehicle or couldn't afford to have them fixed. The idea of Vans for Christ came to him at work when a driver left their car because it was not worth repairing. Graham realized he could repair the vehicle and give it away to someone who did not have a car of their own.

To this day 60 vehicles have been donated.

Dan and Teresa Scheeler decided to donate their old van.

"He thinks long and hard about where a vehicle goes and we know that wherever it went it went to somebody that really needed it" said Scheeler.

Graham said "This wouldn't happen without all the people around me who are willing to donate."

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