Pay It Forward: Titans kicker stands up against bullying

    Cedar Rapids Titans kicker Mike Georgetti (right) hosts families at games as part of his work with the Anti Bully Squad.

    As the kicker for the Cedar Rapids Titans, Mike Georgetti is used to being alone.

    He typically spends practices away from the rest of the team, working on his craft while they work on their own formations and plays.

    Mike also knows there are some kids that feel isolation in everyday life. He's making sure they always have a friend on the field.

    One of those kids is Aiden Anderson, who just finished second grade at Prairie View Elementary in Cedar Rapids.

    His favorite parts of football are the passing game and "watching how cool (players) catch (the ball)."

    But Aiden's best connection to the game is Mike.

    "He's a really good kicker," Aiden says.

    "He's at every event," Mike says of Aiden. "He's at every home game and even some of the away games. So we get to hang out. We'll talk. We'll joke around before the game or right before a kick."

    It's all part of Mike's volunteer work with the Anti Bully Squad - a non-profit based out of his native New Jersey.

    "It's something I'm familiar with in the past...being bullied back when I was younger," Mike says. "It's something I'm never OK. I felt was a great opportunity to use a platform like this to kind of spread out to help awareness to prevent it."

    Aiden's family is seeing the benefit of the time he's spending with Mike.

    "Aiden's super comfortable around him," Kylie Anderson, his older sister, says. "Usually, Aiden's one of the shyest people ever. When he's around Mike, he really opens up and I really see a different part of his personality."

    As part of the CBS2/FOX28 Pay It Forward series, Mike gets $300 to give to the non-profit of his choice. He'll be donating that money back to the Anti Bully Squad.

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