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Pay it Forward: Sheriff's Office employees ditch the razor for a good cause

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(Iowa's News Now Staff).

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Sheriff's Office employees in Black Hawk County ditched their razors for a good cause: participating in a 'No Shave November' Drive for the entire month of November, and December.

Staff can opt to not shave and break protocol by donating one dollar a day, with all the funds raised going towards the Black Hawk County Department of Veteran's Affairs.

"No shave November is something we started doing long before I got here," said Deputy Sheriff David Even. "However, this year is 2 months."

Even says that those who don't want to grow out their beards or can't grow a beard, could still participate by donating regardless.

"They can still donate, and quite a few of them still do."

Even adds that throughout the other 10 months of the year, the facial hair policy is much different.

"The policy is no facial hair, except for mustaches, trimmed to the lip line. So if you see one of us during the year, its mostly with just a mustache."

However, the department still has rules regarding length; Participants can't grow out their beards too far past the chin line and must keep it well trimmed.

"There's a lot of good hearted jokes poking at each other, thicker beards or grey coming out."

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The fundraiser ended at the end of December, with officers headed back to work clean shaven this month.

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