UI clinical trial looking for participants with multiple sclerosis

    Dr. Terry Wahls

    Dr. Terry Wahls has had progressive multiple sclerosis for nearly 20 years and recently been granted $1 million to conduct a clinical trial at the University ofIowa.

    Dr. Wahls is comparing two popular diets, the Swank Diet and the Wahls Elimination Diet to see if they lead to improvements in MS-related fatigue.

    Possible participants would fit the following criteria below:

    -Individuals with relapsing-remitting MS

    -Live within 500 miles of Iowa City

    -Ages 18-70

    -Willing to follow The Swank Diet or The Wahls Elimination Diet

    - Has ability to walk 25 feet without support or with only unilateral support (i.e., cane in one hand

    -Can attend 4 study visits in Iowa City, Iowa

    If you meet the requirements and would like to participate in the trial, email the coordinator at MSDietStudy@healthcare.uiowa.edu or visit here.

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