Strike averted: ADM & Union agree to new 3-year deal with raise and benefits
IOWA'S NEWS NOW PHOTO: Outside the ADM Corn Processing plant in Cedar Rapids on October 31, 2022.

ADM and the Teamsters Union representing workers at the plant have ratified a new 3-year agreement the union says includes an immediate six percent raise in wages and an increase in benefits.

Workers were ready to go on strike if a deal had not been agreed upon.

Jesse Case, the secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 238 says the six percent increase in wages is across the board and comes with a $5,000 ratification bonus, 40 hours of sick leave, eight additional hours of personal leave and extra premium pay for many classifications.

“Although we would like to see higher wages overall in the industry, we have made gains in working standards that helped avert a job action” Case said. “ADM’s multi-billion dollar profit margin exists off the labor and sweat of working Iowans and CEO pay remains out of alignment with the workers who make the company profitable.”

Case tells Iowa's News Now a vote was held Tuesday morning and a majority of the close to 200 members voted to accept the company's last offer.

The ADM plant produces sweeteners, starches, animal feeds and ethanol and has been operating in Cedar Rapids for 45+ years. 

ADM spokesperson Jackie Anderson released the following statement.

"We are pleased that union members accepted the extremely competitive proposal we put forward and we were able to reach a satisfactory resolution."

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