Lisbon horse retirement ranch picking up the pieces after bizarre break-in

Management at a local horse retirement ranch say they're picking up the pieces after a bizarre break-in at their offices.

Unbridled Spirits Thoroughbred Retirement Ranch is located in Lisbon.

They give former race horses a place to live out their retirements in peace.

But they say that peace was broken over the weekend when someone stole a ton of documents and financial information from their offices.

The nonprofit is still working to get things sorted out. 

The ranch says this is all having an impact on the current support they get from donors, who are now scrambling to protect their own accounts from criminals who might have their info after the break-in.

They run equine classes and other programs on the ranch, and more than two dozen horses typically call Unbridled Spirits home.

The operators are worried they may have trouble staying afloat for a while in the aftermath after the break-in.

"Without having certain records it's difficult to go back and prove that we keep our horses well-managed as far as worming, vaccines, all of these kinds of things that come into play, and they end up hurting not us, it's the animals that they hurt," Director Angie Buchhop said.

If you'd like to volunteer or learn more about Unbridled Spirits, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

**Editors Note:

Iowa's News Now has received a number of news tips from viewers following the publishing of this article. We are digging deeper and will continue to follow up as more details are available.

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