23 years after Jodi Huisentruit vanished, friends still hope for answers

More than 23 years ago, Jodi Huisentruit, a journalist with ties to Broadcast Park, vanished without a trace.  Now, there's new hope of learning what happened to her.  CBS News' 48 Hours will air a special on the case Saturday Night at 9:00pm on CBS2. (Update: it will also be posted on the 48 Hours website).

Jodi covered Iowa City news for KGAN in the early 1990's.  But she had her sights set on becoming an anchor, which led to her move to Mason City.  But one morning, in 1995, she didn't show up for her shift on the morning show.  There were obvious signs of a struggle, but since then, no signs of Jodi, what happened to her, or who was responsible.

Karen Vander Sanden worked with Huisentruit in Cedar Rapids.  "She was always just super energetic and eager to learn and always asked lots of questions and she just loved her job," said Vander Sanden.

 It's those fond memories that make is so hard, even today, to comprehend what happened and fuels the desire for answers.  

"I just hope it's solved and that the person who's responsible is held accountable."

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