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Wine Impact in the Corridor

MARENGO, IA (CBS2/FOX28)--A natural disaster that shook California's wine country two days ago might have an impact here in the Corridor.

Iowa winemakers said they are trying to make up for the loss a magnitude 6.0 earthquake did in Napa.

But winemakers said it's too soon to know whether winelovers will see their favorite wines go up in price. They said it could take up to 2 weeks to access the damage.
There are reports that there could be billions lost in damage, which might help boost sales at Corridor wineries.

"This year we're probably picking more grapes than we ever have at the vineyard," Fireside Winery Vineyard Manager Ryan Krall said.

Krall said Iowa winemakers aren't dealing with nearly the same issues as Napa winemakers.

However, trying to harvest and clean up the mess from the quake can be a difficult task.

"It's unfortunate that happened," Krall said.

Some winemakers said the earthquake may only impact the quanity of wine and not the quality which could be potential good news for wine lovers everywhere.

"No one wants to see them lose all that wine and product," Krall said.

Fireside said they are saddened to hear of the news but said they might see an increase in sales, if west coasters buy their product.

"We grow a lot of different kinds of grapes than they do in California. We grow a different type of grape that's suited for our winters," Krall said.

But cooler summer temperatures kept these winemakers on their feet because Iowa grapes need warmer weather.

"I think our yields will be up slightly but with all this heat and moisture it's hard to take care of," Winemaker Zach Bott said.

So Fireside is harvesting the crop before it's too late.

"We're lucky to not have that kind of disaster and we're working with that we have," Krall said.

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