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Created in the Corridor: Sherry Hill

ANAMOSA, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - This edition of Created in the Corridor isn't just about the local creation of a product or service.  It is that but it's more about tapping into a resource deep within each of us to achieve success and contentment. It's the story of Sherry Hill who has been Re-Created in the Corridor.

“I’m getting high every single day and I cannot stop,” recalled Hill of her most intense days of smoking pot. The Anamosa mother of an autistic son knew she had to do something to break out of her decades-long cycle of
drug use that started when she was just eighteen: marijuana, cocaine, speed, LSD.  Hill got away from the hard stuff but would have a secret, on-again, off-again relationship with pot until just a few years ago.
“I had always felt that if I did not quit, that eventually something would  happen in which it would hurt my son and hurt my family.”

Hill tried on her own to stop and failed several times, eventually learning from a friend that her pastor knew she was getting high. “I was afraid of exposure. I thought exposure would destroy me. But I found that it
was the exposure that was going to heal me,” said Hill.

Hill wrote "Under His Grace," a book that chronicles her subsequent journey to sobriety as she allowed God to lead the way. “God saved me and he kept me from any type of trouble that I possibly could have got into but he also knew my heart, that my heart was one of wanting to get free.”

Hill says she wrote the book for others struggling with trials and addiction. “Many people, they get into that dark place and they don’t see the hand of God, that it’s actually God leading them through this and instead they turn around and run.”  Hill says God led her through the darkness to fulfill her dream of becoming a published author. And she believes anyone can achieve a vision for their life by trusting in--and resting in--the Spirit.  “I want to reach out for people and tell  them that there’s just a better way to live and if we lean into God, he can show us that pathway.”

"Under His Grace" and Hill's first book, "In the Silence," are available through, and Tate Publishing. Just visit the News Links section of this website.
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