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IC Residents Tired of Living in Water

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - The Iowa River hit it's third highest crest in Iowa City Saturday after rain brought river levels up.

Although the river slightly exceeded flood stage, which is 25 feet, Johnson county is doing everything they can to prevent further flooding in the area.

But residents living along the river are tired of having to "walk on water."

"Yeah, it's more a 'pain in the butt' than anything," Scott Smith said.

Smith said that all the residents are currently living in their homes but they just have to deal with the river flowing around their home and driveways.

He also added that residents on his street knew about the potential of flooding when they bought their homes. Most the residents did lift up their homes to help prevent water damage in the house.

"It just comes and goes," he said. " I mean it could be prevented but if they hold the gates back or it rains too much then you gotta wait."

A waiting game that could take weeks because it all depends on what falls from the skiy.

Smith said living by the river has its advantages but it seems that the river has flooded into the Smith's yard more in the last two years.

He said last year, the water was a foot higher than it is right now, but that still doesn't make it any less annoying to deal with, he said.

"This year we built a walkway to get in and out of the house," he said.

Johnson County says Saturday morning's rainfall slightly increased river levels, but those are slowing going back down again.

"As the rain is coming through the area, we are adjusting the flows coming through the lake," Johnson County Emergency Manager Dave Wilson said.

wilson said the county isn't concerned about the water flowing through the dam but they are monitoring the water.

"We really don't start seeing problems until it excees 20,000," Wilson said.

He's talking about the 20,000 kubic feet of water that is flowing through the dam.

The water level Saturday morning was just above 19,000 kubic feet per second and caused some flooding but nothing too major according to Wilson.

But even with more rain in the forecast, Wilson said he isn't too worried.

The county will continue to open gages as they feel needed and will make sure the water isn't flowing too fast through the dam.

However, they do want residents to keep aware of their surroundings.

"It's too early to take down any flood protection measures. We are not out of the woods yet," Wilson added.

For now, Smith says he can only go with the flow.

Wilson said the county will re-open city streets like Dubuque Street once the water continues to drop.

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