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Tornado Damage in Reinbeck

REINBECK, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - People just outside Reinbeck are cleaning up debris after several tornadoes touched down in Central and Eastern Iowa last night.

The National Weather Service says a category EF1 tornado touched down about two miles outside of town and reached a peak of wind speeds of 100 miles per hour.

Surveyors say it stayed on the ground for about 13 minutes and traveled 3 miles before the funnel broke up.

Residents in the area couldn't believe how fast the storm was moving. In fact, they say it was calm and quiet before the winds picked up in a matter of seconds.

"When I came out I didn't see no tornado," Wally Stensland said.

Stensland lives near where surveyors and witnesses said the tornado touched down before continuing it's journey across the road and through cornfields.

Stensland's house suffered minor damage compared to his neighbor's home across the road where the rood was torn off.

"All a sudden the wind came up and it was coming down right where I was at. It was that quick," Stensland said.

He wasn't the only one outside watching the storm.

Paul Strohbehn's son, Wesley said he heard the tornado warnings and then hood a big boom. He then rushed outside with his girlfriend to capture video and photos of the funnel cloud.

"We were fairly safe where we were at," Wesley Strohbehn said.

"I was more worried about it hitting Reinbeck."

Paul added, "I've been very lucky,"

Paul received a call from his son warning him that a tornado just moved past his home but spared his property.

He said he had never been this close to a tornado until Sunday night.

"I was thinking about that last night. Those are the two closet calls I've had in my 53 years of life."

The National Weather Service confirmed Monday that the funnel cloud kept moving up and down, making it hard to find the exact locations of the storm.

"Finding the exact point where it starts is difficult," Meteorologist Ken Harding said.

"If it wasn't for that gust of wind, I don't know if I'd look up or not," Stensland said. He said it was too fast to take shelter.

Stensland and his neighbors are counting their blessings Monday as there are no reports of injuries, just several reports of property damage.

"These are the times when you thank the man upstairs," Paul said.

And this storm brought out more people than normal.

"People like to confirm it before they take shelter. It's a natural human response to see the tornado and if it'll impact you," Harding said.

Although taking videos and photos may be fun, remember, it's always best to go to a safe place like a basement or bathroom if a tornado warning is issued in your area.


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