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Day 9: Tajh Ross Admits To Pulling Trigger

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- After 9 days of testimony, witnesses, and evidence, accused murderer Tajh Ross took the stand. Ross is accused of killing Latasha Roundtree as she was on her way to a party in September of 2012.

On the stand, Ross made a shocking admission after a series of blistering questions by the prosecution.

Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks: Your gun, you pulled the trigger, and now Latasha Roundtree is dead, right?

Ross: Yes sir.

However, Ross says the death of Roundtree, as she rode down the street looking for a party, was an accident.

Ross: I wasn't firing in the direction of the car, I was firing in the air above the car.

Tajh says he was lifting up to fire because the car seemed suspicious, and rolled down its back window. He and his friends had heard threats of someone coming to shoot up the party.

Maybanks: You're telling the court that... even though you saw nobody point a gun, nobody threaten you, nothing come out of the white car, nobody shot at you, nobody showed you a gun, nobody threatened you with a gun, that you were acting in defense.

Ross: Yes sir.

Ross says he shot in the air, because his friend and co-defendant, Liban Muhidin, was standing in the way.

Maybanks: But you didn't shoot Liban.

Ross: No sir.

Maybanks: So Liban wasn't in front of you?

Ross: Yes, he was sir.

Maybanks: He would have to be on the ground, or you would've shot him, correct?

Ross: No sir.

The prosecution pressed for an explanation for the bullet that hit Roundtree.

Maybanks: Mr. Ross, are you telling the court here today, and everybody in this courtroom, that this was some sort of unfortunate lucky shot?

Ross: Yes sir.

Maybanks: You think that's believable?

Ross: Yes sir.

Maybanks: It's not a lucky shot, it's not something you didn't mean to do, isn't it intentional?

Ross: I don't knowI guess... I don't know.

The defense rested its case, so closing arguments begin Monday. As this is a bench trial, the case will go to a judge - not a jury - to make the final verdict.

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