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Carjacking Victim, 67, Speaks Out

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- It happened quickly for 67-year-old Suzy - one step, one turn, one punch.

I thought 'I'm stunned. Did that really happen?'

Suzy was at St. Luke's Hospital to see her 89-year-old mother.  At around 1am, she stepped into the parking lot to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Got in the van and drank the coke and got my gumdrops.

When she stepped out of the van to head back up...

There was a guy and he hit me, Suzy says. And it was hard.

Investigators say that fist that hit her belonged to 17-year-old Nicholas Scott. He snapped the lanyard around her neck and took her van on a joyride. He was later caught in Black Hawk County.

Back at the scene, a stunned Suzy yelled for help.

"I may be old but I can scream," she says. "Nobody heard me."

She managed to make it inside and get assistance.

"It would be nice if someone was out there," Suzy says. "Any other time I've driven out there, there's been all kinds of police cars there. I felt secure going to a hospital."

In a statement, St. Luke's says the situation was an isolated incident, and that security will Continue to patrol the campus inside and outside on a routine basis."

Police, meanwhile, say carjacking incidents are rare in the city. Rare...but not impossible.

"I doesn't matter whether it is a church, a hospital, a school parking lot, a shopping mall parking lot, there is danger that lurks," says Sgt. Cristy Hamblin with Cedar Rapids Police.

As rare as it is, Suzy, who's suffering from both a broken jaw and orbital bone, hopes something is done to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

"People may have to be escorted to their cars at night in these situations...I don't know."

Suzy isn't sure yet whether she'll make a full recovery. She's still waiting to hear from doctors if she will need surgery.
Police say if you're caught in a situation like that, just let the carjacker have your keys because a car isn't worth your life.
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