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Motorcycle Hit and Run Victim Shares Story

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- A corridor man is left battered and bruised after a motorcycle accident on Interstate 380.

He's sharing his story with us, and issuing a warning for car and truck drivers -- please be careful.

For Andy Paul, its all about his family - and one motorist almost took it all away.

I have a one year old - I almost left him without a father, Paul says. The damage they would have caused to my family is worse than anything they could have done to my bike.

He was driving his Harley back on June 27th Northbound on I-380, around midnight. Up came a dark colored SUV on his left too close for comfort.

Their brake lights flashed and they came over, Paul says. The front of my bike went out. I went off the left side and went down the middle lane.

Andy's Harley, now at the repair shop, bears the scars of that night.

So does his body.

This was just all minced meat It felt like I had broken my arm, Paul says.

Numbers from CRPD show hit and run crashes occur far too often. In 2013, there were 706. So far this year there have been 354,

It just makes no sense to me, it baffles me, says Matt Weaver, Andy's Friend and a fellow motorcycle rider.

Weaver says it seems as if they're invisible at times.

You have to be the one watching out for everybody else, because they're not watching out for you.

He says distracted motorists don't help.

One woman, the other morning was actually putting on makeup, smoking a cigarette, and eating breakfast out of a bowl, Weaver says. Its like...c'mon!

It's something that most of us are guilty of...and these motorcyclists want to see come to an end.

Drive, get to your destination, and handle your business when you get there, Andy says.

Just watch out, Weaver says. I've put enough friends in the ground, I don't need to put any more.

Drivers behind the wheel aren't the only ones that need to be cautious. Motorcycle operators are also advised to obey all traffic laws as well. Police say if you're involved in a hit and run, write down as much information as possible - including a plate number and a driver description.   
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