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Tree Removal Headaches

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)- Tree removal companies are still picking up the mess Mother Nature left behind just over two weeks ago.

Storm damage can cause many headaches but it's best you know what to do before another storm hits.

Arbor Tech Tree Service has been working long weeks, including weekends, to catch up with the significant backlog.

"We're still taking them off structures," Robert Way said.

Way and his crew have already moved more than 40 trees and they're going to be removing trees for at least another month.

"We have to manhandle the wood and cut it down," Way said.

A job that takes some time and isn't always easy but Way said he wants to make sure they do the job right the first time.

"We're trying to get the dangerous ones that are hanging," Way said talking about the trees that are causing potential safety hazards.

"We really try to cause no more damage," he said.

His crew received more than 200 calls after the storms and are still getting calls.
They ask that everyone be patient. He said tree damage isn't easy to clean up, especially after a powerful storm.

The two rounds of storms on June 29 and June 30, brought straight line winds that pushed down more trees.

"We've been from the northwest side to Swisher," Way said.

But as you wait to get that tree removed, there are some steps you should take before another storm hits.

Yes, we are talking about the cost and insurance that involves tree removal.

"Your homeowner's (insurance) is only going to cover what damage that tree does," Insurance Agent Ed Faber said.

Faber added that there is a tree debris endorsement that has a large price tag but can benefit some Corridor residents.

"That endorsement would be more in line with someone who has a lot of money into their homes," he said, adding he would recommend the endorsement to nurseries or homeowners who put a lot of money into their greenery.

He said he hasn't sold tree insurance to any of his clients because of the price tag.

"It's not common. It probably won't provide the type of cover that most people want."

But you also should be aware of what happens if your next-door neighbor's tree falls in your lawn.

"If it's a neighbor's tree that comes down on your property, it's your insurance company that'll pay for it whether it's your or your neighbor's tree," Faber said.

He recommends to have a little chat with your neighbors about trees surrounding your property before another storm hits so you both come up with an agreement.

He said usually the tree damage would be paid for by the insurance company whose property has the damage on it.

However, Faber said it may not be worth getting tree insurance because insurance companies pay a fraction of the cost.

You might be surprised (and a little frustrated) knowing that insurance companies only cover up to $500.

Way said that $500 hardly covers a tree to be removed. If a tree fell on a house, for example, it could cost a homeowner around $2,500.

He said having an emergency fund is ideal if you think your trees might fall in the next storm.

Of course, it depends on the situation and the tree company will give you a quote when they check it out.

Homeowner Donald Macdougall said the cost was worth paying when looking at a safety hazard.

A tree fell on his son's home and caused some minor damage.

Macdougall called Arbor Tech during the storm to get on their list. They were out within a week and said  they did a great job.

"They had to take it down in pieces so they wouldn't damage the roof," he said.

Macdougall said although he didn't have to wait long, he would wait because it was worth the service Arbor Tech provided.

If you need a tree removed, once again, crews are working around the clock and first focusing on the trees causing safety hazards.

"We're probably going to be doing storms for another month," Way said.

You can contact Arbor Tech Tree Service here.
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