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Tajh Ross Trial: Day 6

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- It's important to remember that September 22nd 2012 started with a party - because that's where the events that lead to the death of Roundtree unfolded.

Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks: Who was planning the party?

Freddy Hanson: Me.

Freddy Hanson was planning AND hosting the party that night, and Brothers Liban and Yasin Muhidin were two of the guests.

Yasin is 18. He's charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Trafficking Illegal Weapons.

Maybanks: How do you know Tajh Ross?

Yasin: He's one of my friends.

Liban is 22. He is charged with Conspiracy in the death of Roundtree. He admitted he was under the influence on that September night.

Assistant Linn County Attorney Laurie Craig: When you were at Kirkwood that day, did you take any illegal substances?

Liban: Yeah.

Craig: What did you take?

Liban: Mushrooms.

Craig: How many did you take?

Liban: Like 3.

Soon after he and his brother went to the party. After rumors of a threats started going around, he gave the order to his brother.

Liban: I just told him to bring the guns.

Maybanks: Why did you do that?

Liban: Because s*** was getting real, know what I mean.

He says when the car with Latasha came through, he recognized the driver.

Liban: I saw them when they first drove past, I knew it was like, Haley [McConnell]

Yasin testified to bringing the guns back and talks about what happened when Jerimiah Ellis took aim at the white car.

Yasin: I stopped him.

Prosecutor: In what way?

Yasin: I pushed his hand down.

Prosecutor: Did you say anything?

Yasin: I told him to stop.

Minutes later the gunfire started and Roundtree was hit. All afternoon, the prosecution tried to maintain the credibility of the witnesses.

Both men say they lied in previous testimonies to police about the events of the day.

Craig: Is what you testified here to today what happened to the best of your recollection.

Liban: Yes

The defense wasn't so sure.

Considering the fact he was on mushrooms, they asked Liban if he could really recall the events that night. His response -

Liban: Not really.

Public Defender Doug Davis: No further questions.

The final co-defendant Jeremiah Ellis is set to testify on Wednesday. Follow us on twitter at or for updates directly from the courtroom.
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