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Hillary's Book Comes To Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -  Its tradition in Iowa. If you dont want to announce youre a candidate for president, but still want to test the political waters and measure your support for the Iowa Caucuses .. you write a book.

Political book signing tours are becoming legend in the land of the first national presidential contest and the latest memoir to hit the shelves will spark an explosion of speculation on Tuesday.  Thats when Hillary Clinton releases her new book, Hard Choices.

Barack Obama signed copies of Audacity of Hope, Sarah Palin stirred rumors of a 2012 run with America by Heart and Mike Huckabee only had his book about how he lost weight, but it worked, he won the 2008 Republican contest in Iowa.

Clinton isnt being coy, she says she is indeed pondering a run for the White House and will decide when the time is right.  On a gloomy afternoon in NewBo we asked shoppers if they think she should run.  Jack says theres no doubt in his mind, I think shes going to be a tough candidate to beat.  I cant see any other Democratic contenders really putting up a big fight in terms of her popularity right now.  

But with a memoir that spans wars to Chelseas wedding,  Laurie  says Clintons time to run has come and gone, I wish she would have won earlier, not now.  It wouldnt matter because I wouldnt vote for her so have at it.   Caitlin, visiting from Maryland says she is all for womens rights but still has her doubts about running the White House, Maybe we as women are just a little bit too emotional to run the country.  Im sorry, thats just how I feel. 

On our Facebook page viewers commented from all sides.  Dale writes, Hopefully her time has come.  But Jeremy posts, I did like her before, because I thought she would mimic her husbands presidency, but not anymore. She cant be trusted.

Meantime back in NewBo Niki says she believes Clinton can reach across political barriers and make a difference, Shes well known, a lot of people like her, regardless of whether youre a Democrat or Republican I think shes got some good ideas.

Rachel says the time is right for a woman president, Especially one dedicated and into politics as much as she is, I think it would just be an asset to the United States to have her run.

Jana says she would not only vote for Clinton, she would work for her, Ive always found her fascinating, shes a strong woman.  I will campaign for her again, I did when she was back her in Iowa .. but yes I do think Hillary should run. 

Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton comes out Tuesday.  If you would like to offer your thoughts on whether Clinton should run, youll find our Facebook link at the bottom of this page.     


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