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U.S.Military Response In Iraq

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28 )  The debate over U.S. involvement in Iraq reached a crescendo on Sunday talk shows as critics on all sides spoke out.  As militant forces continue to sweep through towns in northern Iraq, the White House has promised no boots on the ground, but ordered 300 military advisers to the area to help shore up defenses.

Some critics say after the time, money and lives lost in Iraq thats not enough.  Others say the advisers already constitute boots on the ground and its a bad decision.

On our Facebook page, viewers expressed mixed emotions, but most have very strong feelings about staying out of Iraq.  Miriam writes, We caused the death of millions when all it would have taken to unseat Hussein was one well-placed bullet.  Let them decide their own destiny, we are not the worlds police force.
Zach posts, We gave them everything we possibly could for a successful democracy.  It is up to them to fight for it.  If its not in their hearts then it doesnt matter what we do.

Matt posts, Its our fault they are in this position.  Unfortunately I think we have to help some, but minimal, from the air and thats it.   

Mina writes, The disgrace would be in taking further action .. no more American lives should be sacrificed in Iraq.   

Less than three years after leaving Iraq, those who made the decision to withdraw say there comes a point when theres only so much the United States can do. President Obama says decisions now, impact more than just Iraq, What we can't do is think that we're just going to play whack-a-mole and send U.S. troops occupying various countries wherever these organizations pop up. We're going to have to have a more focused, more targeted strategy and we're going to have to partner and train local law enforcement and military to do their jobs as well.
You can share your thoughts on U.S. military action in Iraq right now on our Facebook page.  You will find a link at the bottom of this page.
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