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Mystery Family Rescues Woman From Storm

MOUNT VERNON, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  When violent storms hit Eastern Iowa Sunday afternoon it caught a lot of people on the roads, wondering where they could find shelter.

22-year-old Stephanie Schmidt was driving on Highway 1, trying to get back to the University of Iowa when the skies turned black just as she reached the edge of Mount Vernon, Theres stuff flying at my car and Im starting to get scared and my heart is racing like no other.  Then the sirens start going off in the town.
Stephanie says in the blinding rain she decided she better at least get off the road and she turned into a side street and pulled into a driveway.  She says thats when panic set in, All of a sudden my phone just goes off like crazy with tornado warning flashes .. and then theres a voice that comes over the intercom saying take shelter immediately.

All alone, not knowing what to do, Stephanie says she saw a woman looking out the back porch door of the house and in an instant she took a leap of faith, jumped out of her car and bolted for the house, Im trying to open the door and its locked and I cant come in and the woman opens the door and I said Im sorry, is it okay if I come in for a few minutes and let the storm pass and she says oh my gosh yes come inside.

In a world where people are often suspicious of strangers and wary of anyone knocking on their doors, the three people in the home immediately got Stephanie a towel to dry off, calmed her down and sat with her and watched weather coverage on television until the storm passed.  Still a little dazed, she thanked them and left without learning their name or remembering exactly where their house is located.

Her Mom, Karla, was so touched by the story she tried to think of a way to express how grateful she was for the kindness of those who helped her daughter. She decided her only option was social media and she posted a message on Facebook in an open letter to the mystery good Samaritans.

In part she wrote, She was scared out of her mind! I hope this post reaches the family so they know how much it meant to us! THANK YOU.
Since Karla wrote the message its exploded on the internet, I was amazed, I posted that Monday afternoon and within 24 hours 12-hundred people had shared it and I think the last time I checked it was over 1,750. Thats just amazing .

Stephanie just wants them to know what it meant to find shelter in the storm, Oh gosh .. just to thank them very profusely because it was very kind and gracious of them to let me into their house especially on a moments notice it happened very unexpectedly.

Stephanies Mom says she would still love to know how to reach the wonderful people in Mount Vernon who were so kind. If you know them, you can contact us on our website or Facebook page.         

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