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Telling Co-workers How Much You Make

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  Its a challenge laid down many times in the past, but this year the fight for equal pay comes with a unique suggestion .. tell your co-workers how much money you make.

President Obama and other lawmakers made the pitch for Equal Pay Day on Tuesday, the length of time into the new year women have to work to catch up to their male counterparts.  The president says surveys indicate women receive 77 cents for every dollar paid to a man, The average woman who works full time in America earns less than a man, even when she is in the same profession and has the same education, thats wrong.

The Fair Pay Act was the first bill President Obama ever signed into law.  But five years later the gap remains.  Some lawmakers argue the solution is transparency in the workplace. They suggest forcing companies to post wages or just encouraging employees to tell their co-workers what they make.  They say such discussions in some companies have let employees find out theyre making tens of thousands of dollars less than someone else doing the same job.

On a rainy day in the Newbo Neighborhood of Cedar Rapids, Samantha says its clear that theres progress, but equal pay for women is still a work in progress.  She says talking about wages at work might seem extreme, but she would consider it, I guess it would depend on the situation, if I felt there was probably unfair activity in the workplace I would share my salary with other people.
On our Facebook page many agree equal pay is still a problem.  Mary writes, I do not think that men and women receive equal pay for equal work and that fact galls me.  I would never tell a co-worker what my salary was.  Not a good thing.    Angela posts,  I think pay depends on education, skills, knowledge, passion and caring, but most are over-worked and under paid no matter what job youre doing.    Mike writes, Its funny how the people who carp the most about equal work for equal pay put all the emphasis on the equal pay part.

Back in Newbo, Gloria says equal pay is long overdue and if it could help, maybe its time for co-workers to compare paychecks, Yes .. why shouldnt you, then its all out in the open.  

The debate over equal pay for equal work continues right now on our Facebook page, we invite you to share your thoughts.        
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