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Fighting for Families

NORTH LIBERTY, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28): Cyndy and Amy Woodhouse would count themselves lucky.

"We're accepted here because we're just like everyone else," Cyndy said in response to talking about living in Iowa.

These two Corridor moms and their toddler love living in the Corridor where they're treated like a family.

"It's heartbreaking to see so many families have to go through what we didn't have to go through for very long," she added.

The Woodhouse's admit that they've had struggles, but they would argue that they're blessed.

One struggle that the couple had to overcome was getting their marriage recognized by the government. It was first recognized by their church.

And six years later, they are blessed to live in Iowa and live to see our state recognize their marriage.

Johnson County Recorder Kim Painter hopes that more states will recognize same-sex marriages.

"The playing field has to become even in all 50 states," Painter said.

She sees couples struggle with moving from one state that recognizes a same-sex marriage and then move to another state that doesn't.

It adds to all the other legal headaches when for example, reporting for a new job. Headaches that include adopting a kid which leads to possibly more fees.

Painter said that states that don't recognize same-sex marriages usually make both partners pay adoption legal fees, instead of one fee.

"Same-sex couples are deprived of that legal protection and security."

A security that all families want: EQUALITY.

But the struggles the Woodhouse's faced, only made them stronger as a couple and brought their little family closer than ever.

"Families are families, no matter who compromises them, " Cyndy said.

Between playing with Thomas the train and a tool set, the three will keep loving each other until the end.

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