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Daylight Saving Time Debate

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  The debate over Daylight Saving Time is older than Ginger versus Maryann or the Hatfields and McCoys and no less passionate.  On the first Sunday afternoon of DST in the NewBo Neighborhood most told us they arent happy about running around changing clocks in their home, but they do enjoy the extra sunlight after work.  Chase Bolton says he just likes what the change represents, I love Daylight Saving Time, because its a sign that spring is on the way and to finally get out of this winter.   

Some studies suggest more light at the end of the day boosts tourism and cuts down on crime, such as burglaries. But other research indicates springing ahead and falling back messes with our sleep cycle and means more kids are out in the dark waiting for their school bus. Arizona and Hawaii simply refuse to go along with the plan and on our Facebook page some of you say Iowa should join them.

Heather writes, I didnt ever like it and now I hate it even more with a baby trying to keep him on a schedule.  Cindy says, Ben Franklin is dead and we now have lights, get rid of it.  Shawn posts, Its basically a silly game we play. Andrea writes, It disrupts sleep patterns for animals and babies.. why do we do this to ourselves every year. And Connie says, My Dad always said let those who need that extra hour to golf adjust their work schedules and leave the rest of us alone.

Back in NewBo Blake says his view of Daylight Saving Time is a little more philosophical, Its kind of cool because its like time traveling and whatever it takes to make the clock go around right .. because you know time doesnt ever really exist in the first place.

We always want to hear your thoughts and you can join in the debate over DST right now on our Facebook page.  Youll find the icon at the bottom of this page.



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