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Reaction to Viral Video of Mall Fight

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) Its scary to watch, but police say the video of a brawl at Lindale Mall has exploded on the internet. It received hundreds of thousands of hits before YouTube finally yanked it down.  The clip, taken with a cell phone camera shows several young people punching, kicking and throwing chairs in the food court of Lindale on Saturday afternoon February 15th, while others screamed and tried to stop the fight. At one point a young man picks up a wooden height chair and smashes it over the back of another man wrestling on the floor. 

Bill Lyman says he was sitting just a few feet away when the fight started.  He points to the video running on a computer screen and says, Right there, thats me.   He says he tried to break up the fight by yelling that police were on the way, but before the punching ended he says he saw pieces of busted chairs flying everywhere and people with gashes in a brawl that looked like it was right out of a movie, One guy looked like he had a slash across the back and another had blood on his face, so much you could hardly see his face.  It doesnt show as much on the video but there was blood all over this floor.

Cedar Rapids Public Safety Spokesperson Greg Buelow says police arrived at the mall four minutes after the first call, but all of those involved in the fight were already gone, leaving behind only rumors, It was reported it was some type of gang initiation and the police department, through an investigation never determined whether or not that was factual.  As we speak were looking through the video tape to see if they can identify the individuals involved.

But Saresa Keith says investigators dont have to look very hard.  She says her two sons sitting next to her on the living room couch are the ones attacked in the video.  Keith says the men, age 19 and 21, jumped her teenage sons in a jealous fight over a girl and then beat her husband when he defended the boys.  She says she told police exactly who is responsible for starting the fight and wants to see them arrested, Hes the first one who threw the chair, hes the same one who hit my husband over the back with the chair where his big brother climbed on top of my husband. Its all in the video.

Police say they expect the video to give them the answers they need to get to the bottom of the brawl and make an arrest. He says those involved in the fight put shoppers and everyone else nearby in serious danger. The ownership for Lindale Mall echoes that view.  It says it is cooperating with police and that the safety of those who come to the mall is a top priority.
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