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What You Think Happened to Flight 370

CEDAR RAPIDS (CBS2/FOX28 ) -- Its quickly becoming the biggest aviation mystery since Amelia Earhart disappeared.  More than nine days after a Malaysia Airlines jet vanished, even the so-called experts can be heard saying a plane nearly the size of a football field doesnt just disappear.

No mayday, no wreckage and so much time to speculate that nearly everyone now has a theory on what happened to flight 370.  On a sunny afternoon in the Newbo Neighborhood, some of you told us you believe the jet probably crashed, but Norma Wenzel says she doesnt want to believe it was terrorism, I was devastated.  I refuse to go to the terrorist thinking.  I think mistakes .. pilot error.  He got off course or had some kind of a breakdown of sorts and just decided this was it. 

Others say with no sign of debris or floating luggage in the sea, its much more complicated than that.  Daniel Koehn says new developments in recent days lead to new theories, Now you have the system to track the plane turned off , to me it looks like theres some suspicious activity there and the fact the plane is totally missing doesnt leave you much hope.

Still others, like John Erceg, say the lack of wreckage is exactly why there is hope, Somebody had to take it some place.  Radar blips do indicate the jet may have flown another seven hours after someone shut off the tracking beacons.  With plenty of fuel and a speed of 590 mph, that could mean another 4,000 miles from the original search area, or about the distance to the Middle East.  John says hes been calling it a hijacking from the beginning, Its probably on the mainland in one of the other countries that are complicit in it going away.

On our Facebook page, Alan, who identifies himself as an avionics engineer, agrees, I suspect it was hijacked and has landed in a remote area.  Craig says, The only question is what or who was on that plane and what is the intent.  And Kristi posts, Has anyone tried to locate cell phones .. surely someone had GPS tracking.

Meantime back in Newbo the debate contines, some hopeful, others saying the more time passes the less hope they feel.  Oumou Diop says she and her friends have been praying for the passengers and crew, Im just hoping it all turns around and theyll find it somewhere safe and theyll find all the survivors.  Miranda says she just feels sorry for the families, I think realistically at this point they are probably going to have to make arrangements and prepare for the worst.

While some have advanced theories that hijackers took over the plane and still plan to use it for an act of terrorism,  others wonder if a depressurized cabin, similar to the event that caused golfer Payne Stewarts small jet to fly for hours before it crashed in 1999 might be the answer to the mystery.  As of this moment, no one theory seems more plausible than the next.  If you would like to join the discussion youll find the comments on our Facebook page.


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