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How Should U.S. Respond to Russian Troops in Ukraine

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  It is shades of the Cold War as Americans watch troops from Russia gather on the borders of western Ukraine as the United States decides how to respond. In the NewBo Neighborhood, where some families know what its like to see Russian tanks roll into your homeland (1968 Czechoslovakia) reporter Matt Hammill asked you for your thoughts on the U.S. involvement in the growing conflict.

Many told us absolutely no boots on the ground, but Marcus Heinrich and Michelle Moes say economic sanctions against Russia or weapons to help the people of the Ukraine are definitely a consideration, I think it's important we make a statement that Putin can't push his neighbors around because it becomes a contagion.

Others say people in the Ukraine are obviously willing to fight for their freedom and Jason Beardsley says this is one time the United States should stand down, I say we should mind our own business unless the people there are being severely mistreated. We have enough issues already in America .. you know with Iraq and the middle east to spread it back to Russia might be like opening up cold war memories for a lot of Americans.

On Facebook, most of our viewers echoed the thoughts of Pam who posted, Good Lord, for once let some other country step up to the plate.  But there was also this from Gayle, Putin is a poker player and hes betting the world takes a pass with a yawn and looks the other way. Also a short, to the point post from Dennis, Send in the troops.

Meantime back in NewBo, Reggie Lewis says hes not sure that military action is the best solution for the troop movements and saber rattling Russia is engaged in right now, but he says even if it was, he doesnt see Barack Obama making that call, I don't think that's in the wheelhouse of this president. I think we're war weary and I don't think he's the type of president to engage in that under the best of circumstances.

Weve received more than 125 comments on what you think would be the best response by the United States in Ukraine, we invite you to offer your thoughts as well, right now, on our Facebook page.


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