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Corridor Daughter In Ukraine

ROBINS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) The world watched as nearly 100 protestors died in the streets of Kiev in the fight for independence in Ukraine, but in Robins, Pete Bischoff and his wife Pat, watched more closely than many others.

Their daughter Carrie and son-in-law Kyle are missionaries just outside of the city, along with five grandchildren and one on the way. They recognize all the sites where students threw Molotov cocktails as they clashed with police, because theyve visited Ukraine three times over the last dozen years.

Pete says he talked to his daughter on Sunday and while they arent scared by the violence, they are prepared, It could spill over and they do have a contingency plan if something happens .. that they have a quick way of getting away from there, but everybody has to have that .. its just like having car insurance in case theres an accident.


Pete says in the years his daughter has lived among the war museums, Stalin monuments and symbols of Russias old guard, hes noted the modern changes.  He says you can visit a McDonalds thats cleaner than any in the United States and staffed by adults.  You can find car lots, gas stations and extravagant new markets popping up.

Pete says hes also noticed a change in the people.  He says during his first visit almost ten years ago, the people of Ukraine wouldnt even make eye contact and definitely would not talk to strangers.  He attributes that to the old ways of Russian influence and fear.  During his visit just last year, Pete says many people freely struck up conversations with him.   


Pete says it appears, now that the Ukrainian people, especially the younger generation, experienced westernized progress, they dont want to give up what theyve gained and are willing to fight in the streets to keep it.  He says while talking to Carrie yesterday, she assured him everyone is safe, Ive often asked our daughter when do you plan on coming home again as far as living at home and she just kind of leaves that up to her husband.  Theyre going to be here this summer for six months.

Pete says it will be great to have Carrie back in the states for a while, but hes confident that even after the violence and changes in Ukraine, she and her family will stay there to continue their missionary work.
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