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Ultra High Definition Is Here

CEDAR RAPIDS  (CBS2/FOX28) - Television manufacturers say more giant screens will be glowing across the country on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.  But by the time the best football teams in the NFL clash again next year, your view of the game and all those creative ads may be completely different.

Best Buy Home Theater Supervisor Ted Gustafson says he finds a lot of people standing in the back of the store, mesmerized as they stare into the new 4-K or Ultra High Definition Television.


It is the next big thing in quality viewing with four times the resolution of the televisions most of us watch now, eight million pixels, colors we could never see before and so incredibly detailed that in one 4-K video of a big city skyline you can see in the windows of skyscrapers and count the people on the streets.    You can really see a difference, definitely.  I think at the higher screen sizes it definitely shows big improvements.  I dont think well see a lot of 4-K below this 55 inch size, but definitely in the bigger sizes youll see a lot of it,   Gustafson says.


Tech shows held in cities such as Las Vegas in recent months are boasting some monsters.  Samsung unveiled one version of Ultra High Definition thats more than 100 inches and $20,000.  The Sony and Samsung models on the Best Buy floor are both 55 inches and sell for between $3,000 and $3,500.  Aside from the eye-popping technology the Samsung offers a bonus .. no more digging in your couch cushions to find the remote.  Gustafson waves his hand from side to side and the screen presents options to turn up the sound or change the channel just with the motion of his fingers.  It can also be programmed to respond to your voice.


But the idea of luring customers in to buy the new 4-K technology may appear to fly in the face of todays trends.  Everywhere we go, we see more and more people watching a higher percentage of  movies and television shows on smaller and smaller screens on their phones.  Gustafson agrees, but says the technology isnt mutually exclusive. I  think a lot of us are getting used to the high definition screens on that small smart phone or tablet  and this is basically bringing that super high resolution screen to your livingroom as well.  There isnt a better experience you can have than watching a movie on a big screen tv with a good surround sound system .. youre not ever going to get that from a phone.


Whether there is content to be watched is often what slows down new technology in television, but both Amazon and Netflix recently stepped up to support 4-K TV.  Amazon will provide movies and Netflix will present the next season of its series House of Cards in Ultra High Definition.  They join X-Box 1 and Play Station 4  which are already 4-K compatible.  Analysts in the television industry predict the price of 4-K televisions will come down in time, but they also note this isnt the end of the changes.  Manufacturers and broadcasters in Japan are already working with 8-K television in the next round of tv tech advancements.
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