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Weather Delays Impact on Schools


The subzero temperatures are not letting go of Eastern Iowa, because of that frigid weather  many schools in the corridor delayed or even canceled classes again today.


Officials at Central City Community Schools say cold days like this mean two hour late starts.


For teachers and students that means shorter class time...


Middle school English teacher Lindsay Zach says late start days can be a pain.


"Just because you get a day in doesn't mean you get your time in, said middle school English teacher Lindsay Zach.


At Central City Community Schools class periods are cut short by 12 minutes every time the school day is delayed.


"We have to compress our lessons or push our lessons back and then you don't get to the material that you want to when you want to, said Zach.


School principal Jason McLaughlin says it's better than the other option of having students completely miss classes that are set earlier in the day.


"If you're the first period of the day and you have 5, 6 late starts, then you lose 5, 6 days of learning, he said.


He says the goal is to make sure students spend some time in every class room.


For teachers that means getting creative when scheduling tests and quizzes.


"It might get pushed off to the next day and they do something a little different maybe do a little review. Or maybe they do part of the test that day and then finish the test the next day, McLaughlin said.


Either way, the learning continues as teachers make more time for students outside of class, by working with them via the internet.


"We can still communicate about it even when we're not in school and I can comment on their work and they can adjust their work, said Zach.


Central City Community Schools have had five late start days so far, but late start days have no effect on the scheduled date for the last day of the school year.

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