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Carrying In The Cold

CENTRAL CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) The frigid temperatures make everyday activities a little different because of cold weather and bulky clothing.

In ideal conditions, using a gun in self-defense would be smooth. The problem is none of those situations are ideal. Then, introduce adrenaline and maybe a struggle and it only gets harder.

"You might be defending your life with this hand. So we might be down to where I'm stopping blows from a bat or a knife or trying to push back a family member to safety and you have to get that gun out with one hand," said the Owner of Cedar Valley Outfitters Ernie Traugh.

That's why training in all conditions is important. Cold weather can affect how smoothly or quickly a gun works. Anyone can understand that numb fingers would make it hard to feel trigger pressure.

"It would just say then, I need all the more training to perform in these types of temperatures," said Traugh.

One of the challenges for people who carry firearms in the winter is being used to pulling their jacket away, pulling the gun from its holster and shooting, all with gloves on.

"Let's get all my garments out of the way so it doesn't impede my presenting this gun to the threat," said Traugh.

When seconds count, fighting layers of clothing only takes up time.

"You get too floppy of gloves on, sooner or later you're going to get it caught up in one of those springs," said Traugh.

But shave that time away by training when theres no pressure and it could save a life.
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