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Say What? - Healthcare



Three weeks from now the White House promises the computer glitches will be fixed and the sign up for The Affordable Healthcare Act or what some call Obamacare, will be running smoothly.  The statement begs the question whether those who plan to utilize the insurance believe that promise and whether any of us truly know how well be impacted by the changes.  Every week reporter Matt Hammill asks for your thoughts on the issues of the day in the segment Say What.


Barely half of all Americans say they now have the information they need to understand how affordable care might impact their families.  The other half are still shaking their heads or say they simply havent had reason to study the plans.  Negebe Sheronick of Cedar Rapids says shes heard so much rhetoric on both sides that she doesnt know what to believe.  She says for right now it leaves her with an uneasy feeling.   " I don't even know yet how I will be effected I know what my insurance is now .. I don't know what it will be next year that's negotiated each summer - so I am clueless and I feel very powerless over it too.  "             


Others are already finding out the changes in healthcare will mean more money out of each paycheck.  For Ashley Jensen of Cedar Rapids it will mean $20 extra and new requirements.

I have a lot more stipulations with my insurance .. I mean I have to have health screenings, I have to participate in activities more in order to get certain benefits through my insurance company so sometimes its a negative.


On Facebook dozens of you told us you want major surgery on President Obamas plans.  Diane says Until all the glitches have been worked out .. it should be delayed or scraped    Deb writes Throw it out and start over.   And Susie says Definitely delay it, a minimum of six months or another year.


Mike Schoger of Mason City, Iowa says regaining the publics trust after all thats happened may take some time for the President.  He says there are fast ways to do things and right ways.   Well I think they only have room to improve .. right now the way it first got kicked off I think they may have hurried the whole process and because of that they shot themselves in the foot a little bit.  


We always want to hear your thoughts and the discussion on affordable healthcare continues right now on our Facebook page.

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