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Say What?: Who's You're Favorite Mondern Day President?

CEDAR RAPIDS  ((CBS2/FOX28 )) -- On a weekend marking the 50th year since the death of John Kennedy, its sparking many discussions about presidential legacies.  Every week reporter Matt Hammill asks for your thoughts on the issues of the day.  Which modern-day president receives your admiration is the topic of this weeks Say What.

Remembering the words from his inauguration, Ask not what your country can do for you.. ask what you can do for your country, many historians say JFK was likely destined to be one of the greatest presidents in history.  On a brisk day in Newbo, some of you told us you believe others have indeed reached that pinnacle.   Ronald Reagan, is the immediate response from Vic Zender.  He says from the economy to foreign policy President Reagan has always been the leader he admired most.  I like his whole attitude .. I liked everything .. his for the people, by the people, everything.

On Facebook Eddy reflected on the years Bill Clinton spent in the White House.  Clinton during his second term takes the cake.  His party actually gained seats in 98 while the GOP was impeaching him.

Mark writes that his choice is Reagan.  He crushed the USSR without firing a shot.  Diane says the president remembered last week continues to top her list. Kennedy.  He may have been a sneaky rogue with other women but I think he truly loved his country.    Richard posts on Facebook that its tough to elevate any of our leaders too high on a pedestal.  Each president had skeletons.. the only difference being before tv it took so long for us to find out.   

Meantime, back in Newbo, Angie Johnson says despite all his problems, she admires the current White House resident.    Barack Obama  kind of trumps everybody for me .. he came over to my neighborhood and he was a very good hearted person I felt that from the first time I met him.    

The discussion of your choice for favorite president continues right now on our Facebook page.      



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