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SAY WHAT? Fire Washington




Every Sunday Reporter Matt Hammill listens to your voice and shares your opinions in our talkback segment Say What.  The topic this week has a lot of people talking.


A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll out this week indicates the government shutdown may be over, but voters wont forget what happened in congress. Sixty-percent of voters polled say fire them all.  After 17 days of gridlock, furloughed government employees and tough times for veterans and businesses near national sites like the Herbert Hoover Museum and Library in West Branch, Marge Wallner says what are we waiting for, just throw them out.  Do it .. because they cant get along with each other they cant meet and get civilized with each other. 


Many of you on our Facebook page agree.  Nancy writes:  Yes its time to let people go when they arent doing their job.  If you didnt do your job I dont think your employer would say oh its okay, we dont care if you arent performing up to our expectations. 

William suggests that the poll showing 60% of voters want to fire their representatives seems curious if not suspect : Psychiatrists are deeply concerned about the 40% who still approve of congress. 


However  in the New Bohemia Neighborhood of Cedar Rapids Jeffrey Gerlits understands the frustration, but questions the logic:  It sounds ridiculous.  So  we get rid of everybody and then we have to start all over so everything is just put on the back burner further and further and further.  What,  its been 3 weeks the governments not running , lets throw another 4 months on top of that?    


Critics say the real problem with the notion of Throw the Bums Out, is that voters usually want to keep their own bums in. Marge says its just another aspect of the frustration :  We should replace all of them, but we always vote for them again .. I dont know why, thats a good question .


If you want to be part of the discussion it continues right now on our Facebook page.

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