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Say What? Healthcare Edition

CEDAR RAPIDS  -  ((CBS 2/FOX 28 ))   Every Sunday we listen to your voices on the latest issues in our segment .. Say What.

   The registration process for Obamacare started one week ago and already the plan is at the center of a nationwide government shutdown and its fueling concerns for a slowing economy.  At the Newbo Market in Cedar Rapids we found most vendors optimistic about the economy and what the future holds.  At the same time none of them want to see consumers get the jitters as lawmakers wage war over healthcare in Washington.  Carol Simmons says the arguing in congress is hard to watch.  If you cant have compromise isnt that the basis of what our nation is all about.

   As millions of people consider healthcare changes, some have no idea if they qualify or even how to find out if they should investigate the options.  Eric Heinichen says he isnt really surprised, but sees the end game as what really matters.  What change isnt confusing.  I think there will be some hiccups initially as people are starting to look into purchasing on the markets as opposed to being just handed a package, but ultimately I think people are going to get more of what they need from their healthcare plans.

   Just inside the front door of the Newbo Market Bill Rieckhoff is waiting on customers while his daughter sells ice cream a few feet away and his son runs his own booth next to that.  Rieckhoff is proud to be one of the founding vendors here and while he will quickly tell you he hasnt been a pro Obama guy,  after seeing his insurance premiums hes certainly willing to listen.  Im actually kind of excited about the healthcare reform and the ability to buy on the markets.  I dont know if its going to work out good for me, but I sure would like to get better insurance at a competitive price.

   As a human resources specialist Chad Simmons says he understands the politics of whats happening right now in Washington, but he says the focus needs to be on people.  "Healthcare is one of the biggest expenses that many executives are spending their time with - something needed to be done.  Now whether we like what's done or not can be debated but I do appreciate the value in someone at least trying to do something and lets see if it works. "  

   For those who are still investigating the changes in healthcare to see if they qualify, you can view all of the latest information contained in a town hall meeting held right here at Fox28/CBS2.  Youll find a link to it on this website.

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