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Say What? Limiting Gridlock

CEDAR RAPIDS (CBS 2 /FOX 28) -- Every Sunday reporter Matt Hammill listens to your voice on the issues of the day in our segment Say What.  The topic this week is ending government gridlock.

The government may be open for business and the debt ceiling raised, but frustration is building as people in the corridor anticipate another budget battle just after the new year.

On a sunny afternoon in the NewBo neighborhood we asked for ideas to end the gridlock in Washington.

Joe Morrisey says money is the issue.  He says its like any family, cash causes fights and congress cant just keep spending without some knock down, dragged out debates.   Just at the next election cycle somebody has to be cycled in .. if you're beyond some limits you've been there two or three times it's time to go thank you for your service.     

With the bitterness and criticism so intense between the president and congressional leaders, Stacey Claeys agrees maybe there should be across the board limits.  If youve been inside the beltway four or six years its time to go.

Philosophically I think we should be able to reelect somebody if they're doing a good job .. but on the other hand I think we've seen recently people get so entrenched in protecting themselves they stop working for the country .. and I think maybe we need to look at term limits  as a way to stop that. 

But Dan Roalson says we really shouldnt be so surprised about the gridlock in Washington.  He says founding fathers warned of a house divided with only two dominant political parties.  " A lot of political systems in Europe and different parts of the world have just a bunch of different political parties and then they are forced they're obligated to kind of reach across the aisle and help each other out and that shows brotherhood and fraternal spirit and that's the kind of spirit you need to get stuff done. "       

In the latest national Your Voice Survey more than 62-percent of those polled say its time for term limits for U.S. senators and representatives.

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