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Iowa City Shelter Overrun With Cats From Hoarder House

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- A massive seizure of 27 cats from a farm in Oxford has left the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center overrun with animals looking for a good home. 
The farm was a hoarder situation, with 19 horses and several chickens that were allowed to stay on the farm, in addition to the impounded cats. Finding a home for that many felines will be a challenge, said Director of Animal Services Misha Goodman.
"Cat capacity. We were at cat capacity. It's that time of year," Goodman said. 
With the shelter already full of cats and kittens, adding extra animals to the mix can cause unwanted affects, Goodman said. 
"The animals are more likely to obtain illness when we have these really high numbers," she said. 
That is especially true because Animal Services is operating out of a building that was not designed to shelter animals in the first place. The shelter was displaced afters the flood of 2008, and the current building is temporary, but resources are strapped as staff tries to rehabilitate the cats. 
It doesn't help that most of the impounded cats had some sort of parasitic infestation, like ringworm or fleas. Staff pulled more than 250 fleas off of one kitten, Goodman said. 
With so many extra animals, the shelter is relying heavily on foster homes and those interested in adopting, like Abbey Droz. 
She and her husband are interested by the fact that the shelter is selling cats at half price because of the overflow -- and they want to help the cause, as well. 
"They really need a good home, so we'd like to provide them with a good home, especially with how crowded the shelter is now. It's a really good time," Droz said. 
That's a far cry from where the cats started out, Goodman said. 
"Lots of trash, lots of feces, and just filthy conditions. Unlivable conditions," Goodman said. 
The Johnson County Sheriff's Office did not make any arrests when the cats were initially impounded, and officials are still unsure whether or not charges will be filed against the pet owner.  

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