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What to Do if a Tornado Hits with No Shelter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/Fox28) -- The recent severe weather is reminder of how important it is to have a storm safety plan in place. Finding a safe place to take shelter is the most important. Most folks know what to do if a tornado hits and there's shelter nearby.  But how do you stay safe if all you have is a car? Well, the answers may surprise you.

“People have softball games, and baseball games. They're outdoors. One thing we don't want them to do when a tornado is approaching is get back in the car," said Mike Goldberg, Director of the Linn County Emergency Management Agency.

Goldberg says a vehicle is the worst place to be in a tornado.  "A lot of the people that perished in the Joplin tornado were found in their car," said Goldberg.

Experts say never try to out-run a tornado. Instead, get out of the vehicle; find the lowest ground nearby, like a road-side ditch or culvert.  Lie down and cover your head with blankets, cushions, or just your hands.  "Get down out of the debris, that's the big thing. Debris is what kills most people," said Goldberg.

Contrary to what you might think, don't park under an overpass when the rain and hail comes down. "As secure as they look, and as nice as they look to protect you from the rain, they're a very bad place to be because they accelerate the wind," said Goldberg.

Goldberg says Iowans should have a plan in place, because sunny skies can get dangerous quick. "If things are starting to look severe, don't wait to the last minute. Protect yourself," said Goldberg.
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