Troy Musser

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - Coming home from a war zone is often a relief for veterans and their families. But for one local soldier, his real battle was just beginning.

Troy Musser knew at 17-years old, the army was where he wanted to be. He would ultimately serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom, then years later, Afghanistan. A 14-year veteran of the Iowa National Guard, toughness is in his DNA.His toughness would be tested one month after arriving home from Afghanistan. Doctors diagnosed Troy with ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease.
"It's definitely the hardest thing I've had to deal with in my life." he says. Less than a month after the diagnosis, his second child was born. His children are now what motivates him most. "They have great laughs. They're willing to help out with anything I need."
His sister Tina nominated him as a Freedom Festival Tribute to Heroes honoree. She says, "Even though he's been diagnosed with ALS, he doesn't let anything stop him from doing what he wants." "Even though our body may be failing us, our mind is still there," Troy says. "You just got to deal with it and keep fighting."No longer able to walk, and his speech failing, his toughness is still in tact, inspiring others along the way. Tina says, "He's just a great motivator and has still a very positive attitude and it just kind of flows over everybody."For more information on the the Tribute to Heroes dinner on June 18th, go to:

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