Life is a Highway

For the last 44 years, 84-year old Joe Scherbring's "office," has been the cab of a semi-truck. Each week he still drives 2,500 miles, making it home only on weekends. In his four decades behind the wheel, he's managed to cover 5 million miles across the country. There are only 30 other professional drivers right now who can say they've done that. As remarkable as that may be, Joe's real accomplishment is driving those miles accident free. President and CEO, Dave Rusch says, "This is rare. I've been in the business for 35 years and other than Joe hitting his 4th million miles 9 years ago, that was the epitome."

To mark the accomplishment, his bosses at CRST wanted to give him something to show their appreciation. Quietly, they asked what his co-workers what he would like. And to their surprise, it wasn't an extravagant trip to a faraway land. His colleagues found out that all this veteran driver wanted, was to take his wife on a roadtrip to Alaska.

And so last Friday, they all gathered in the parking lot at CRST. Joe thought it was to congratulate him on his 5 million miles. It was. But it was also to present him with a new GMC pick up for that road trip. This man of few words had even fewer to say at that moment. His smile said it all. When asked about where he wanted to drive first? "Home." It was the weekend, afterall.

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