There are some big words in her new book from WIC's Red Ahead program, but nothing 6-year old Elisa Arenas can't handle.
Especially with the help of her special friend, Sarah Pressley from Americorps. After WIC families receive food and other items, they head over to the reading carpet and read with Sarah. Sarah says, "I honestly just love seeing, just the expression whether it be gratitude or excitement. Whether it be the kids or the parents."
Elisa and her baby sister, Gemma, are lucky. Their parents make sure books are always within reach. But for many of WIC's clients, the books they receive from Sarah and Red Ahead, are the only books in their home.
Americorps manager, Kelli Holubeck, sees how special Sarah treats these young children. "She really wants to know you as a family. How are you? How is your child? I don't think she could have been a better fit for the program."
Elisa's mom says, "She's becoming more interested in learning words. Longer words."
Bigger, longer words with the help of a CBS 2 Hero.

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