"World Wide Wickham" brings culture to Corridor students

Students were able to sample world foods and learn about different cultures at Wickham Elementary's "World Wide Wickham" event on Thursday.

Erin Chen is just eight years old, but got to see see the whole world on Thursday night - sort of.

"It's like you're actually in the country and you get to try new stuff," the second grader said from the comfort of a packed Wickham Elementary School gym.

Thursday, the school hosted its fourth "World Wide Wickham" event.

"World Wide Wickham is just a way for our families to showcase their heritage - where they come from," principal Amber Daubs said. "You start with a passport - so when you enter, you get a passport, you have to go through customs, and then you travel around to the different vendors, and learn about their culture."

Viviane Nixon was one of the vendors on Thursday - serving up dishes and details about the Bahamas and Haiti.

"It gets to show off the cultures and how great Wickham is as a school and how everyone interacts," she said, "and you get to experience all these different cultures without actually leaving the state!"

It's a one-night event that everyone hopes can instill perspective that students can take with them wherever they go.

"Kids are dressed in clothes that they don't necessarily wear to school," Daubs said, "but they're here tonight in them and really proud of who they are."

"With my boys," Nixon added, "I know they appreciate knowing that even though we're from different places, we're all the same."

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