Woman injured in close call with tornado

The McNamara farm south of Prairieburg was heavily damaged by a tornado June 28th. Photo: Joe Huisinga (CBS2/FOX28)

The McNamara farm just south of Prairieburg is the site of the only injury from Wednesday's tornado.

Ken McNamara says his mother Doris, who is the only one living at the farm, was in her garage trying to close an open door when walls and roof blew down trapping her under the rubble.

She was then able to get out and into the house to call for help.

Her children say she is still in the hospital but they expect she will be released soon.

Ken lives just a mile away in town but his house escaped any serious damage.

When he got his first look at The farm he grew up on he thought his mother’s house had also been spared.

“From my place I could see the other side of the house and it looks good from my place,” says McNamara when he arrived he could see that the roof was ripped off and the garage was flattened.

Linn County Emergency Management Director Mike Goldberg says it’s very lucky that she was the only person hurt in the storm.

“It formed within sight of the grandstands at Central City and they had 800 people in the stands at the time so we were very fortunate that those people were able to get into some protected areas before it got any worse.”

Clean up continues in Prairieburg and at the McNamara farm where they've been going through debris searching for family heirlooms and cleaning up with the help of friends and neighbors.

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