Weekend Flash Flooding a Reminder of CR Problem Areas

Lane Fletcher took this photo Saturday night along Collins Road NE

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) – As cars were pulled from the flood waters Saturday night along Collins Road it served as another reminder that huge thunderstorms create flash flooding in several parts of the city and often in the same places. Edgewood Road at Ellis, Center Point Road at 42nd, E Avenue at 21st Street NE and Collins near 1st Avenue are just a few of the places where an intense downpour can make the water rise fast. The city says it has already identified problems with storm water retention and pipe size and construction projects to make improvements are underway. Cedar Rapids Sewer Operations Manager Justin Koller says almost every area comes with its own set of challenges and circumstances under which it floods. Often it depends on whether the area is flat or hilly and whether the ground around it is dry or so saturated rainfall has nowhere to go. Koller says the trend in storms also makes it tough, “ In most recent years we’ve experienced definitely some higher intensity rains in which we can’t foresee or be able to convey or drain off that water and so we do the best we can to mitigate those issues and keep the public safe.” He says sometimes that includes closing down roads and trying to clear debris from drains. Jeff Liu just recently moved near the corner of 21st and E Avenue NE. He says Saturday night the storm drains just couldn’t handle wave after wave of heavy rain and the water just kept rising, “ This area was all flooded, just horrible. Some in our basement. “ The city says its master plan for storm water will allow it to continue to make improvements although there will always be some storms so intense they probably will swamp some streets at least for a short time. For now Koller says any resident can help them by calling 319-286-5802 to report street flooding and by making sure yard waste doesn’t clog storm drains near their homes. For more information on plans for the future click here

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